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The Remake Trailer


Directed By: Lynne Alana Delaney

True Love Gets A Hollywood Make-Over

Reunited to star in an updated remake of their original cult classic from the 70’s, two veteran actors find love can be even more complicated the second time around.

Sheridan O’Connor and Riccardo Rossi are thrown together in their first big movie when barely out of their teens. The magic that is Hollywood turns their on-screen chemistry into a hot and heavy off-screen romance leaving disaster in it’s wake.

A lifetime later and living continents apart, their worlds once again collide when brought back together to star in an updated version of the original film.

Life’s delicate balance is turned upside down when Director Frank Zelski unwittingly brings the pair together for a virtual rematch in an attempt to remake his own flagging career. Overlooking the obvious obstacles, he promises triple digit earnings to Cinematic Studios, convinced that his two stars of yesteryear can still attract the audience that made them famous the first time around.

Will Sheridan and Riccardo be able to move beyond all the pain and regret? Will working together again demand greater acting skills than either ever imagined? Or can long hours filming intimate love scenes remind them of all they might have missed?

Sheridan resists change, finding it difficult to move on while Riccardo has resigned himself to a life without true love. Is it possible that the worst thing that ever happened to either of them could suddenly become the catalyst that brings them together?

Slightly shaken and gently stirred by family and friends, Sheridan and Riccardo find a way to make the perfect martini out of life without wasting a single drop of happiness?

Director: Lynne Alana Delaney

Feeling compelled to bring her characters to life beyond the written page, The Remake is Lynne Alana Delaney’s directorial debut in this feature length film she penned.
Born into an Irish-Catholic family in Southern California. She attributes both of these things with positively shaping her world and her adult life. Some would say her creative career began rather late in life, but she would beg to differ. Always interested in every aspect of the arts, her view is that she was on a continuous quest, collecting material like a squirrel collects nuts, storing them up for later use in her writing, acting, directing and producing. A long and wonderful career as a Flight Attendant provided plenty of fodder for the creative juices to flow. Whether it was the travel to exotic places, or the characters and personalities she encountered with the hundreds of thousands of passengers over the years, they have become the colorful backdrop for her writing and filmmaking. The Remake, a lovely look at how we might be able to re-invent ourselves at any age, combines her own hope, inspiration and a belief in oneself, weaving those ambitions into her character’s lives as well as her own.

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