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Coming to Terms Film Trailer


Having to face the death of their father, Eddie and Sally try to do their best in understanding the concept of death. At their tender age of 8 and 10, they fully rely on their religious father’s teachings. When life in Heaven seems ideal, the kids make a decision that nobody could have expected.

Director: David Bertran

David Bertran is a late bloomer. He had never set foot in a film set before 2013. His Pharmaceutical background, in his native Barcelona (Spain), seemed an unlikely qualifier for the Arts. However, upon enrolling Film School in Los Angeles, David’s hidden passion for film and storytelling flourished. He quickly picked up filmmaking concepts as a natural and started growing with short film exercises such as A Manly Craft, Snapshot, and Athymia. These early projects brought along some Awards and Official Selections that encouraged him further.

Blue Sorrow was selected at the Cannes Film Festival, in their Film Corner capacity, and a producing / editing collaboration, with Yolanda Centeno, on Zugzwang, garnered dozens of selections and two editing awards.
Coming to Terms is his latest and more personal short film, one that stems from the early death of David’s father and his own religious beliefs.

David’s favorite genre is drama and his stories are often close to his European sensibilities.

David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy, an MBA majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and MFA; and fluently speaks three languages.

FILMOGRAPHY – David Bertran
(Writer / Director / Producer)
– Coming to Terms (2015) – Short Film (Writer, Director, Producer)
– Blue Sorrow (2014) – Short Film (Writer, Director, Producer)
– Zugzwang (2013) – Short film (Producer, Editor)
– Athymia (2013) – Short Film (Writer, Director, Producer)
– Snapshot (2013) – Short Film (Writer, Director, Producer)
– A Manly Craft (2013) – Short Film (Writer, Director, Producer)

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