Darlien Film Trailer


Director: Linda Marie Curry

A determined detective traces a missing author to the fantasy world she created and joins
her fight against an evil sorcerer.

About the Director

Linda Marie Curry is an Australian writer, producer and director who has just completed work on action/fantasy short DRALIEN for her production company, LMC Prodcutions. Her previous credits include short films FINDING LILLY and FOUND. Her documentary, SHANE, caught the attention of the Quadriplegic Benefit Fund, who asked Linda to edit it into an eight-minute accident prevention video for use in schools. Linda has been involved in community theatre for the past five years, directing and producing well-known productions such as Robert Harling’s STEEL MAGNOLIAS, Agatha Christie’s MOUSETRAP and Ken Ludwig’s THE THREE MUSKETEERS. She is currently in pre-production for a short film scheduled for Tropfest.
Linda is an enthusiastic writer and storyteller who published her first children’s adventure story THE CALLING in 2004. She adapted the screenplay for DRALIEN from her own written work and has enjoyed the process of bringing her vision to life on the big screen. Linda has always loved theatre and film and is an enthusiastic and passionate film-maker who always seeks new challenges and thrives when learning new things.


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